Professional Services

Professional Services

Need someone to setup a website for you?

What is covered?

  • The website domain for one year.
  • You will be provided your unique URL (website link). The link will be dependent on availability with the (This is your .com, .us, ECT)
  • You will be provided a created, functioning website and access to that website, via WordPress login. I will set the website up for you.
  • You will be provided your unique email address, linked with the website.


The website includes the following:

  • Setup the ability to sell items, via orders
    • You are required to provide a valid PayPal address.
      • This will be linked to your orders/website.
    • Setup the ability to create additional pages, posts.
      • Video tutorials are provided.
    • Setup the ability to manipulate, modify your website.
      • You will have control within your website to change it anyway you wish.



A form will be provided. This form will be filled out by you to provide the websites design options, name of the website desired.

Once the initial design has been created and approved/signed off by you, you will be responsible for the website’s maintenance and upkeep. You will be granted full access to your website, via the WordPress login.

I, the designer will maintain access to the website. This will allow me to assist, correct, or any necessary maintenance required. You own the site, but I am here to help, if possible.

It is understood, once the website has been approved and signed off by the customer, the responsibility of the website is the customer.

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